About Us

Our Mission
To supply North Carolina with authentic UK style beers in both keg and cask conditioned forms.
UK Inspired Ales
Almost all of the American beer styles we've become accustomed to were originally brought over from The UK and based on traditional UK styles.  Our goal is to take these traditional styles and introduce authentic recreations to the US.
We will always have a line of lower alcohol, or “session” beer on tap, as is typical in the UK.  Another aim is to keep cask-conditioned ales readily available so that you will have the opportunity to try our beer from a keg and in the more traditional cask.  The serving vessel can greatly impact the experience of a beer, so we hope you will try both to see which you prefer! We believe that we currently serve the largest range of cask ales in NC.
The company’s ownership consists of both English citizens and North Carolina natives. Our beers utilize premium English malts, yeast and hops.
Our goal is to base our 'core' range of beers firmly on traditional UK styles. However we will also be producing a range of beers that will be based on UK styles. Our UK 'inspired' range of Ales will incorporate some US sourced ingredients to allow our brew staff to experiment with  US flavor profiles.

Opening Hours

Mon-Thurs 4pm-10pm
Fri-Sat 12pm-11pm
Sun 12pm-7pm